A home may be a castle, but an artist’s studio is rather a tent: it is functional, it is temporary, and it even may be cosy. For sure it’s a highly personal place that mimics its owner and bares traces of every work compiled and accomplished here. We are curious to portrait artists in their natural environments, hence, we visit their tents.

In the art community, the actors perceive themselves and each other. Outside this circle, there is usually little opportunity to look into the process. Furthermore, galleries and museums mostly present the finished results – the act of creation and context remains hidden. visitmytent aims to give an insight into the creative process by portraying and interviewing artists at the places of artistic production, where ideas and works are created. The selection grows organically – participating artists are asked to recommend artists they find inspiring – giving a platform for emerging as well as established artists in a diverse multifaceted art scene.

Moreover, the artists’ connections and collaborations are made graspable with the help of information visualization. The interactive visualization (coming soon) shows the relationships between contemporary artists working in various fields, creating an inside view into the networks of selected artists presented on visitmytent. The aim of the long term project is to develop an ethnography of artistic work places and practices – and allow thereby different entry points for a multi-perspective view on art. In 2017 visitmytent was founded by Stephanie Neumann and Holm Friebe in Berlin.

You are representing an institution or a residency program and want to invite visitmytent to your city, collaborate or support us – feel free to get in touch.

Contact: Stephanie Neumann, +49 172 172 80 31, ahoi@visitmytent.com