Jeans Team

Our studio is a place for multiple options. It should be as versatile as possible. Many people are working here and it is steadily evolving. We love the idea of a place that is constantly progressing.

What we do in one sentence: We try out ways to make new music.

Why we didn’t get a proper job: For us there is no such thing. We believe that working in music or any other art form is highly relevant for the reflection and spiritual progress in society. What we do is as “proper” as anything else. Sadly, this is taken for granted. People seem to think that artists don’t need money to survive. Many artists waste their time with jobs they don’t want to do – just to make a living. We are missing a lot of potential here.

An artwork we dream of and we would get accomplished if space, time and money were abundant: Franz: Together with friends I just started a new interdisciplinary movement called HYPERDEKORATIVISMUS. It is meant as a new space for creative expression. I would love to spend most of my time developing this. This project would include more painting and writing music which is what we both would love to do more. I would also love to form a union for artists and musicians.

Artists, we have on our watch list (and why): Aemong – a very extraordinary band. A Brazilian guy and a Taiwanese girl. They make beautiful music.

We are afraid of people farming, distraction, populism, stagnancy.

How we want to be buried resp. words we want to be written on our tombstone: Franz: Reimo’s tombstone will be an ostrich that is hiding his head in the earth. I don’t know yet. Somehow I like the idea of working my ashes into an object one can use. A vase or a brooch maybe…