Our studio is our place to unfold.

What we do in one sentence: We are researching and developing our position as an artist duo throughout all kind of different media, that are having a common ground in painting and installation.

Why we didn’t get a proper job: Because we have an authority problem.

An artwork we dream of and we would get accomplished if space, time and money were abundant: An installation in the Antarctica to balance our personal poles.

Artists, we have on our watch list (and why): MF DOOM, lyrically king. Bobby Hutcherson, listen to “prints tie”, legendary. Moondog, huge oeuvre, genius componist. Wong Kar-Wai cause of “in the mood of love”, photography, music, story, cast: sensitive, extremely detailed and therefore brilliant. Ernst Caramelle because of the “Perspektivik”.

We are afraid of Jan Brokof’s Meat-Paper-Collage ; )

How we want to be buried resp. words we want to be written on our tombstone: 53°56’N 8°39’E at 13 meters depth.