Wolfgang Flad

My studio is more than a workspace. I built my own little world, and it’s a social place.

What I do in one sentence: I take wood and build sculptures, then I take my sculptures and build installations out of it.

Why I didn’t get a proper job: I don’t like getting up early in the morning.

An artwork I dream of and I would get accomplished if space, time and money were abundant: Building on my world, bigger and more complex without a limit of production costs.

Why I do what I do I have an inner image which I follow. One urged to realize this picture and the feeling connected with it. In any case, it is the best thing I can do in this life, where I can best put my view and my abilities into practice.

Artists, I have on my watch list (and why):

I am afraid of losing my optimism.

I know an art work is finished when I see it when my work is finished. However, there is also the fact that my work lives strongly from material cycles, and my own work is also constantly being transformed into new works. Therefore it is more like a big never ending process …

How I want to be buried resp. words I want to be written on my tombstone: I would like to be cremated, so that nobody has an obligation for my grave, also no gravestone, but my works in as many museums as possible.