Pauline Doutreluingne

My studio is my home.

What I do in one sentence: I curate artistic projects, collaborate with artists, teach on questioning the Western art canon and do research about topics beyond anthropocentrism.

Why I didn’t get a proper job: Because I enjoy the freedom to decide about the conditions and content of my work. But of course being an independent curator is a proper and challenging job.

An artwork I dream of and I would get accomplished if space, time and money were abundant: So far I realized most of the artistic projects I wanted to accomplish with time.

Why I do what I do: I do what I do because I believe there is an urgent need for a diversity of perspectives on the world, and art allows me to create platforms and peepholes into those imaginations.

Artists, I have on my watch list (and why): At the moment I am looking at artists that explore a queer reorientation within the dystopia of our current fractured reality. Some artists on my current watch list are A.K. Burns, Anicka Yi, Tejal Shah, and Mary Maggic.

I am afraid of indifference and losing my drive.

How I want to be buried resp. words I want to be written on my tombstone: After seeing a documentary film last night on pigs being decomposed, I am pretty sure I want to be cremated instead of buried.