Fridge & Plodge

My studio is our dancefloor, work space, safe space.

What we do in one sentence: Our mission is to make your daily life more colorful and fun with things that we create.

Why we didn’t get a proper job: Why shouldn’t this be a proper job?

An artwork I dream of and I would get accomplished if space, time and money were abundant: There are too many possibilities.

Artists, we have on my watch list (and why): There are many artists we admire, but inspiration often comes from our friends and our daily lives.

We are afraid of: Sally is afraid of summer (pressure of being outside all the time), Lara is afraid of winter (of everyone staying inside and not socializing anymore) – we are very glad that as a team we can push each other through the year!

How we want to be buried resp. words we want to be written on our tombstone: Hopefully living coffins out of mycelium will become a thing. Then our dead bodies could help nourishing the forest – how cool would that be?!