Ostberlin Androgyn

Our studio is a bubble, a space which allows to switch off everything else, get lost in ideas and loose track of time.

Spoke: It’s a space for sessions and recordings I share with my live band Psychedelic Orchestra, Echoez, and Ostberlin Androgyn and which is home of Slomo Studio, run by me as a producer/engineer. I founded Slomo Studio because I felt the need to create an unbiased space for artists to collaborate and record music. The vision for the studio is to establish a gender-neutral environment – in favour of an inclusive studio culture and to empower artists by creating access.

What we do in one sentence: Hiphop aka beats + rap.

Why we didn’t get a proper job: Realness is a hiphop thing, not a job thing.

An artwork we dream of and we would get accomplished if space, time and money were abundant:
Spoke: Playing our music live with a full orchestra.
Kanye Ost: I wanna sculpt a 20 miles high banana out of asbest with a golden vanilla chocolate icing.
Gregor Easy: Feature with Tupac.

Artists, we have on our watch list (and why): We are really into trap music and it’s hard to name just a few artists. Listen to our radio show “RAP RADIO KNUSPERFLOCKE”, there you can find our favorite music.

We are afraid of:
Spoke: Brussels sprouts.
Gregor Easy: Patriarchy.
Kanye Ost: Fler.

How we want to be buried resp. words we want to be written on our tombstone:
So kreiste ich nie über Menschen und Bäumen
So stürz ich nicht noch einmal durch die Sonne
Und zieh was ich raubte ins Licht
Und flieg davon durch den Sommer!
(Sarah Kirsch)