Aiko Tezuka

My studio is my The place to return to.

What I do in one sentence: Trying to make something that I haven’t seen so far.

Why I didn’t get a proper job: I want to try it once if I have time and two bodies.

An artwork I dream of and I would get accomplished if space, time and money were abundant: Probably, I will do the same things/works as it is until now.

Artists, I have on my watch list (and why): Not artists. But I am looking at the Coptic textiles in the 3th–12th century, European Tapestries the 14th–16th century, Japanese textiles in the 7th–8th century. Why? they are really mysterious!

I am afraid of not being relaxed.

How I want to be buried resp. words I want to be written on my tombstone: I missed a chance to see you in this life, but please go & see my works!