Varvara & Mar

Our studio is our working place.

What we do in one sentence: We realise our ideas and keep alive our artworks.

Why we didn’t get a proper job: We are too passionate to make art instead of working just for money. But many times we are tempted to get one. Being an artist is not an easy and romantic state of mind. It is a hard, often unpaid or underpaid and unregulated profession heavily dependent on networks and connections.

An artwork we dream of and we would get accomplished if space, time and money were abundant: Every new production starts as a dream and then we find a way to realise it. Often a dream becomes a nightmare, if its complexity escalates. But in the end it is always a good feeling to overcome all the problems and solve the puzzle.

Artists, we have on our watch list (and why): Many, some because of their practice, friendship, others because of their career or other reason. We like to investigate different life passes of the artists.

We are afraid of…
Mar: running out of ideas and money.
Varvara: that bureaucracy and precariousness of the art field kill my desire to continue one day.

How we want to be buried resp. words we want to be written on our tombstone:
Varvara: I think if this moment comes, I won’t care any longer.
Mar: I never thought about this. I will be not there then others can decide it.